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2024 - 2025 Cowley College Academic Catalog 
2024 - 2025 Cowley College Academic Catalog

Student Life & Alumni


Involvement Opportunities


Intercollegiate Athletics

The college is a member of the Kansas Jayhawk Community College Conference and the National Junior College Athletic Association. Fifteen intercollegiate sports are offered: Volleyball, men’s and women’s Cross Country, men’s and women’s Basketball, men’s and women’s Indoor Track, Baseball, Softball, men’s and women’s Tennis, men’s and women’s Outdoor Track and Field, Wrestling, Bowling, Tigerette Dance Line, and Spirit Squad.

Cowley College Tigers are respected competitors each year in all programs as the awards displayed in W.S. Scott Auditorium will attest. All Cowley College sports programs are successful in the conference, the region, and at the national level.

College athletes are expected to be students first, with their participation in athletics a part of a well- rounded educational experience. Their personal conduct is expected to be in the highest tradition of amateur athletics. To be eligible for competition in events sponsored by the college, the athlete must conform to the rules of the NJCAA and of the KJCCC. Athletes must be a high school graduate or have received a high school equivalency diploma, or be certified as having passed a national test such as the GED.

Intramural Athletics

An extensive program of intramural sports is offered through the office of the Director of Student Life. All students are eligible to compete in intramural activities, which include both team and individual sports. Some of the intramural activities which have been provided are coed volleyball, futsal, coed basketball, tennis, pickleball, soccer, sand volleyball, bowling, ping pong, dodge ball, and pool tournaments.

Clubs and Organizations

Opportunities to participate in college activities are provided to enhance student and academic life and to encourage the development of performance and leadership skills. Clubs and organizations at Cowley College main campus include:

  • Academic Civic Engagement through Service (ACES)
  • Act One Drama Club
  • Art & Design Club
  • CC Singers Show Choir
  • Collegiate DECA
  • Collegiate Quiz Bowl
  • Concert Band
  • Concert Choir
  • Cowley Trap Club
  • Creative Claws (Creative Writing)*
  • Gaming Club **
  • Hope Squad
  • International Student Organization
  • Jazz Band
  • Math & Science Club*
  • Media Club (Mass Communications)
  • Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (PTK)*
  • Skills USA
  • Student Ambadassador Organization
  • Student Senate (CCSS)
  • Voices Heard

*Also available at the Mulvane Center

**Also available at the Sumner Wellington Campus

For more information or an application for chartering a new club or organization, contact the Student Life office at 620.441.5290.

Student Activities

A well-rounded program of intramural sports and recreational activities is offered at Cowley College. The activities program provides opportunities for fun, exercise, skill development, and socialization for college students, faculty, and staff. Some of the activities provided are professional performances, dances, winter homecoming activities, Intramurals, free movie nights, and free bowling nights. The Cowley College Student Senate works in conjunction with the activities director to establish the monthly activities. New activities may be added during the year as the demand and popularity dictate.

Cowley College Student Senate

The Cowley College Student Senate (CCSS) is an important and necessary group in the operation of student and college activities. Students are represented on key policy developments through CCSS members. With the assistance of a sponsor, CCSS organizes and sponsors a variety of student activities, represents students on faculty-college committees, charters student organizations, conducts all student elections, and provides an avenue for student opinion in the area of curriculum development. CCSS is the official voice of the student body and is composed of the President, the Vice President, the Secretary, and the Liaison, representatives from each college student organization, and members-at-large. The four officer positions are elected each spring by the student body, faculty, and staff.

Alumni Association

The college welcomes former students to visit campus to keep abreast of changes and to be aware of what is available for continued enrichment and growth. All alumni are asked to keep in touch with the college in order to receive information on opportunities available for alumni. A file of current addresses is maintained, and a semi-annual Tiger Alumni News is mailed out and can be accessed on the Web.

Class reunions are held periodically, and an Outstanding Tiger Alumnus is honored each year at Commencement.

Visit the Cowley Foundation website to update your mailing address and stay in touch.