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2024 - 2025 Cowley College Academic Catalog 
2024 - 2025 Cowley College Academic Catalog

Graduation Information

Graduation Process

Graduation Application

Students must fill out a Degree Application to graduate and file it in the Registrar’s office by the following dates:

  • October 1 for Fall degree completion
  • March 1 for Spring degree completion
  • July 1 for Summer degree completion

Applications are completed through your Cowley Connect account from the Graduation Tab. Students who fail to submit an application but meet the degree requirements will have their degree conferred institutionally and appear on the student’s official transcript. In this case diplomas will not be sent to the student. For diplomas to be received by the student a degree application must be submitted to the registrar’s office.

Students must be a high school or GED graduate to qualify for an associate degree. Cowley College awards the Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Fine Arts, Associate of General Studies, Associate of Applied Science degrees, and the College Certificate.

Those receiving the associate degree are expected to demonstrate the ability to communicate both orally and in writing, possess knowledge of mathematics and the physical world, and be aware of past and present cultures.

In order to qualify for either the degree or certificate at Cowley College, a student must complete a minimum of fifteen (15) credit hours at Cowley College, which counts toward the degree or certificate. Developmental courses cannot be used to fulfill degree requirements.

Multiple Associate degrees may be earned simultaneously or in succession. The Associate of General Studies must be earned in succession (first) or simultaneously with the AA or AS. The Associate of General studies will not be awarded retroactively if the AA or AS has been awarded and additional coursework has not been taken.

The Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees as listed may not meet the requirement of the Transfer and Articulation Agreement. Students who plan to complete an associate’s degree and transfer as a junior in their major should achieve the following goals:

Complete the Associate in Arts (AA), Associate in Science (AS), or Associate of Fine Arts (AFA) degree.

  1. Fulfill the lower-division (freshman/sophomore-level courses) general education requirements of the institution you plan to attend.
  2. Every four-year college or university has different general education requirements. The Cowley College main website provides transfer guides summarizing these requirements for popular colleges and universities.
    For other schools, students should consult their catalog and/or contact the intended transfer institution for additional information. In most cases, if you select your general education coursework carefully, you can simultaneously satisfy the general education requirements for both Cowley College and the transfer institution.
  3. Fulfill the lower-division requirements in your major field of study.
  4. You should familiarize yourself with the criteria for admission into the specific program major at the college where you plan to transfer. In many cases, specific lower-division coursework is required. Ask for transfer guides for specific majors and/or consult the catalog of your transfer school.
  5. When you are ready to transfer, make a request for your transcript to be sent to your transfer institution by clicking on this Request Transcript link.
  6. Click on the orange “Order Transcripts Online” button and follow the prompts. Your transcript will be sent to your transfer instituion within a couple of days (assuming your student account is in good standing). Be certain to verify that your transfer institution has received the transcript. If you experience difficulty in transferring any of your courses, or ordering your transcript contact the Registrar’s office.

Generally, when a college official intercedes on behalf of the student, he or she is able to facilitate the resolution of transfer problems. Students need to work with their advisor to ensure proper transfer of credit to private and public four-year colleges and universities located out of state.