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2024 - 2025 Cowley College Academic Catalog 
2024 - 2025 Cowley College Academic Catalog


Full-Time Faculty Credentials

Name Degree Discipline College/University
Jim Ailey Bachelor of Science - Education/Associates of Applied Science - Automotive Technology Automotive Cowley College; Pittsburg State University
Nick Albrecht Master of Fine Arts - Acting/Bachelor of Fine Arts - Vocal Music Ed & Theatre Theatre University of North Carolina; Dana College
Lindsay Allen Masters - Music Education, Voice/Bachelors - Music Education/Associate of Arts - Music Music Wichita State University; Kansas State University; Cowley College
Holly Benton Master of Science - Business Education/Bachelor of Science - Business Education/Associate of Arts Social Science Emporia State University; Cowley College
Daniel Brooks Associates of Applied Science - Machine Tool Technology, Automotive Technician CTE Cowley College
Stephen Butler Masters - Music, Worship Studies Music Southwestern College; Inst. for Worship Studies
Dr. Michael Christensen Doctorate - Music Arts/Master of Arts - Music/Bachelor of Arts - Musical Arts Band, Theory,  Music Texas Tech University; OU - Norman; Cameron University
Janet Clasen Master of Science - Special Education (High Incidence)/Bachelor of Arts - General Studies, Elementary Education Education Southwestern College; Fort Hays State University
Uwe Conrad Masters - Teaching, Math/Bachelor of Arts - Basic, Applied Science, Math & Education Math Middle Tennessee University
Steve Cooper Master of Science - Math/Bachelor of Science - Computer Science Math Emporia State University; University of Kansas
Buddy Curry Master of Science - Animals Science/BS - Animal Science Production/AS - Animal Science and Agriculture Education Agriculture West TX A&M University; OK Panhandle State University; NE OK A&M College
Delayne Dale-Mitchell Associate of Applied Science - Cosmetology Cosmetology Cowley College; International Aviation & Travel Academy
Nick DiMeo Master of Arts - English (Rhetoric & Composition)/Bachelor of Arts - English English University of Nevada, Reno
Ryan Doom MFA - Creative Writing, Fiction/Bachelor of Arts - Communication, English, Creative Writing English Wichita State University
Kirsten dos Santos Masters - Education, Curriculum, Instruction/Bachelor of Arts - English, Literature English Southwestern College
Mark Dykes Masters - Education/Bachelor of Fine Arts - Graphic Design Graphic Design Wichita State University; Southwestern College
Colby Endres Associate of Arts - Welding Welding Cowley College
Jonathan Fleig Masters - History, Education/Bachelor of Science - History, Education/Associate of Arts - General History Cowley College; Emporia State University
Mark Flickinger Master of Fine Arts - Painting & Drawing Art Indiana University
Casper Fredsgaard Master of Science - Biology/Bachelor of Science - Biology Biology Wichita State University
Jeremy Goerzen Associate of Applied Science - Paramedic Paramedic Cowley College
Abigail Green Masters - English Literature/BA - Creative Writing/AA - Creative Writing English Wichita State University; Cowley College
David Hays Masters - Education/Bachelor of Science - Computer Science, Math Computer Science/Math Southwestern College
Dr. Jamie Hibbs Ed.D - Curriculum & Instruction/Master of Education - Curriculum & Instruction/Bachelor of Arts - English Education Education Southwestern College; Wichita State University; Kansas State University
Robyn Hill Master of Fine Arts - History/Bachelor of Arts - Anthropology/Bachelor of Arts - History Social Science Wichita State University
David Hitzfelder Bachelor of Science - Religion, minor - Applied Technologies Electromechanical Maintenance Liberty University
Braidon Hughes Master of Science - Mechanical Engineering/Bachelor of Science - Mechanical Engineering Physics University of Arkansas
Dr. Brooke Istas Doctorate - Education; Masters - Science, Adult Cont. Ed/Bachelor of Science - Mathematics; MS - Leadership Math Southern Methodist University; Southwestern College
Dr. Chad Killblane Ph.D. - Chemistry/Bachelor of Science - Chemistry Chemistry University of Nebraska at Lincoln
Julie Kratt Masters - Education/Bachelor of Arts -  English English Southwestern College
Deborah Layton Master of Science - Teaching, Learning, Leadership (Reading/Literacy) English Oklahoma State University
Dr. Scott Layton Ph.D. - Environmental Science/Masters - Education, Curriculum & Instr./Bachelor of Science - Education Biology Oklahoma State University
Zachary Lind Master of Fine Arts - Film and Television/Bachelor of Fine Arts - Graphic Design Animation UCLA; Wichita State University
Meredith Mahoney Masters - Anthropology/Bachelor of Arts - Anthropology, English Anthropology College of William and Mary
Sarah Mathews Masters - Business Admin./Bachelor of Arts - Computer Science/Bachelor of Science -  Bus/Comp Info Systems Business Southwestern College
Amy McWhirt Masters - Arts, Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages/Bachelor of Arts - Spanish & History English Southwestern College
Gregory Mink Masters - Industrial Applied Mathematics/Bachelors - Applied Mathematics Math Oakland University; Michigan Tech University
Krystle Nies Masters - Behavioral Sciences/Bachelor of Science - Elementary Education/Associate of Science - Pre-Elementary Education Social Science Cameron University; Pratt Community College
April Nittler-Beeson Master of Education - Curriculum & Instruction/Bachelor of Science - Health & Physical Education/Certificate - K-12 Mathematics Math Wichita State University
Frank Owens Bachelor of Science - Criminal Justice   Criminal Justice Southwestern College
Elizabeth Peck Masters - Business Administration/Bachelor of Science - Business Administration Business Oral Roberts University
Holly Peters Masters - Sociology/Bachelor of Arts - Sociology, Psychology Social Science Wichita State University
Amy Pool Associate of Applied Science - Cosmetology, Cosmetology Instructor Certificate Cosmetology Cowley College
Daryl Rhodes Certificate A-Welding Welding Cowley College
Zack Rozell Bachelor of Science - Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Animal Science (Business Option)/Concrete Technologist Level I/KGB-Kansas Standard Building Contractor (B) Construction Trades Oklahoma State University, Pittsburg State University
Cameron Schwarz Master of Education - Counseling/Bachelor of Arts - Psychology/Associate of Applied Science - Paramedics Paramedic Wichita State University; American Public University; Cowley College
Meg Smith Masters - Educational Technology/Bachelor of Arts - Liberal Studies/EDD (in process) Mass Communications Pepperdine University, Liberty University
Pam Smith Master of Ed. - Curriculum & Instruction/ABD - Biochemistry (29+research)/Bachelor of Science - Biochemistry Chemistry Wichita State University
Ricky Squires Associate of Applied Science - Welding Technology Welding Cowley College
Samantha Troyer Associate of Applied Science - Mobile Intensive Care Tech Paramedic Cowley College
Dr. Andrew Tucker Ph.D. - Agronomy/Masters - Agronomy/Bachelor of Science - Agronomy Agronomy Kansas State University
Lance Turner Masters - Creative Writing/Bachelor of Arts - English English/Creative Writing University of Kansas; Kansas State University
Garret Vickery Associate of Applied Science - Non-Destructive Testing NDT Cowley College
Tim Walton Bachelor of Science - Technology Automotive Pittsburg State University
Dr. Humphrey Wamocha Ph.D. - Mechanical Engineering/Masters - Physics/BE - Physics, Math Math/Physics Wichita State University
Mason Warren Bachelor of Arts - Education: Chemistry, minor in Biology/Associate of Science - Science/Associate of Arts - History Biology Cowley College; Wichita State University
Laura Wollard Masters - Biology/Bachelor of Arts - Biology/Associate of Arts - Education Biology University of Nebraska, Southwestern College; Cowley College
AJ Ybarra Master of Arts - Teaching Degree/Masters - Mathematics (in process)/Bachelor of Science - Applied Mathematics/Associate of Science Math Cowley College; University of Central Oklahoma; University of Oklahoma; Southwestern College
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Part-Time Instructor Credentials

Name Degree College/University
Eddie Andreo BS - Biology/Masters - Business Administration Baker University
Jana Andreo MS - Special Education/Bachelors - Psychology Newman University; University of North Dakota
Danelle Beale Masters - Public Health, Dental Public Health/Bachelors - Health Promotion, Health Service Admin./Certificate - Medical Billing & Coding Ashworth College; Weber State University; A.T. Skill University
Chandra Bilhimer BS - Nursing/AA - Nursing, LPN Colorado Technical University; Butler CC; Wichita Area Tech
Judith Bohrer Masters - Social Work/BA - Social Work Wichita State University
Carl Bowman Certificate - Vocational Tech. Cowley College
Dr. John Brackett PhD - Chemistry/Bachelors - Chemistry Florida State University; Baylor University
Dakota Brinkley AAS - Welding Technology Cowley College
Emily Brown MS - Org. Leadership/BA - Psychology Fort Hays State University
Joshua Budd BS - Organizational Management and Leadership Friends University
Tia Bunch BS - Nursing (BSN)/AS - Nursing (AND) Grand Canyon University; Butler CC
Greg Butler MA - Applied Sociology/Bachelors - General Studies in Business/AA - Business Administration Emporia State University; Fort Hays State University; Cowley College
Chris Cannon BS - Business Admin./Certificate - MICT Cowley College; Southwestern College
Candy Clark MEd - Curriculum, Instruction/BS - Secondary Education, English Wichita State University
Joe Clasen Masters - Career and Tech. Education Pittsburg State University
Gregory Crum Associate of Applied Science - NDT Cowley College
Dr. Daniel Deane Ph.D. - International Psychology/Masters - Psychology/Bachelors - Psychology, Social Science, History St. Leo University; Fort Hays State University; Chicago School of Professional Psychology
Tierra Defebaugh BS - Exercise Science/AAS/Paramedic Cert/EMT, AEMT Cert WSU; Neosho County CC; Cowley College; Butler CC
John Delong BS - Business Administration/AS - Criminal Justice Southwestern College; Casper College
Cody Dickman Master Education - Counseling/BS - Elementary Education Wichita State University
Timothy Durham Master of Education - Counseling/BA - Religion Wichita State University
Lindsey Estep AAS - Paramedic/AGS - Emergency, Disaster Management Hutchinson Community College; Hesston College
David Falletti MA - Criminal Justice Wichita State University
Joshua Fleig Masters - Music Education/Bachelor of Music Education/AA - Music Wichita State University; Cowley College
Dianne Flickinger M.Ed. - Curriculum & Instruction/BA - Elementary, Special Education Southwestern College
Brandy Flower AAS - Nursing Butler Community College; Wichita Area Tech
Jeff Fluty BS - Health, Physical Education/Master of Education - Sports Management Southwestern College; Wichita State University
Micah Fry MA - Communication/Bachelors - Strategic Communication/AA - Graphic Design Cowley College; Wichita State University
Devin Graves Masters - Business Administration/MS - Adult, Occupational/Continuing Ed Southwestern College; Kansas State University
Linda Grossman MS - Environmental Science, Science Teaching Cert./BA - Neuroscience Psychology Wichita State University; University of Wisconsin
Brian Grunder BA - Psychology/KLECT Certificate Southwestern College
Kyle Hays Masters - Creative Writing/Bachelors - English Oklahoma State University
Ed Henderson Welding Certificates Case New Holland
Jason Hibbs Masters - Library Science/BA - Speech Communication Emporia State University
Brooke Horner Masters - Education/BS - Dental Hygiene Wichita State University; Kansas State University
Shelby Huddleston MS - Educational Technology/BME - Music Education Pittsburg State University
Jason Huffman Masters - Health Human Performance Rec, Facility Design Management/Bachelors - General Studies, Music Education and Business Pittsburg State University; Northeastern State University
Craig Isom BS  -  Business Administration/Associates - General Studies Cowley College; Southwestern College
Shannell Isom MS - Nursing/BS - Nursing Wichita State University
Dr. Sandol Johnson Ph.D. - Food Science/Masters - Meat Science Oklahoma State University; West Texas State University
Lindsey King AAS - Nursing Butler Community College
Doug Kinnear Ph.D. - Economics/Masters - Economics/BS - Economics Colorado State University; Minnesota State University
Kurt Konda MA - Sociology/BA - History, Minor - Sociology Wichita State University
Vicki Lawrence BS - Administration of Justice/AS - Legal Assistant Wichita State University
Brian Lebanion MBA/Bachelors - Accounting, Finance/Registered Nurse Univ. of the Cumberlands; Sullivan College
Bonni Ledesma MA - Speech & Language Pathology/BA - Communication Science Disorders/AA - Social Work Wichita State University; Cowley College
Dr. Joel Light Ph.D. - Organization and Management/MA - Economics/Bachelors - General Studies, Economics Capella University; Wichita State University; University of Kansas
Ray Longoria Associates - General Studies/AAS - Non-Destructive Testing Friends University; Cowley College
Shawn Love Bachelor - Philosophy Southwestern College
Dr. Andrew Lutz Doctorate - Chiropractic/BS - Biology Cleveland Chiropractic College
Jeffrey Maxwell MS - Educational Leadership/BS - Elementary Ed., Social Science Arkansas State University-Jonesboro
Chad Mayberry BS - Human Resources Management Southwestern College
Misty Maynard MA - Theater/BA - Drama University of Kansas
Hanna Mayo AAS - Nursing Pratt CC
Carolyn Mentel MS - Clinical Nutrition/BS - Dietetics & Nutrition University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Rebecca Meyer MA - Education/BA - Secondary Math Education Wichita State University; Friends
Travis Morin Bachelors - General Studies/Associates - Nursing/AAS - MICT Cowley College; Pratt CC; Fort Hays State University
Laurie Mulford Masters - Professional Accountancy/BA - Business Administration Wichita State University
Rhiannon Nichols MS - Adaptive Special Education/BA - Elementary Education Fort Hays State University; Wichita State University
Matt Orr BS - Animal Science, Industry/Associates - MICT Kansas State University
Dr. Kaitlyn Pressnall Doctorate - Academic Leadership/MA - Special Education/BA - Elementary Education Southwestern College; Wichita State University; Kansas State University
Bethany Pringle-Johnson Masters - Business Administration /BA - Education Wichita State University
Jessica Rainbolt Masters - Business Administration/BA - Education Barton County Community College
Dr. Stephen Rankin Ph.D. - Religious Studies, History/Masters - Divinity, Missions and Evangelism, Theology, History/Bachelors - Education, Social Science Kansas State University; Saint Paul School of Theology; Trinity Evangelical Divinity; Northwestern University and Garrett-Evangelical
Jenny Roberts MA - Teaching/Bachelors - Secondary English Education Friends University
Seth Roeder BFA - Education (in progress)/BFA - Studio Art Ceramics/Associate - Fine Arts Wichita State University; Cowley College
Terri Sanders MS - Administration/BS - Elementary Education/AAS - Non-Destructive Testing Kansas State University
Tim Sanders BS - Mechanical Engineering Tri State University
Thomas Sargent BA - Journalism Johnson State
Rachel Schmeidler M.Ed. - Curriculum & Instruction/MA - Teaching Southwestern College
Damon Scott MS - Operation Management/BS - Manufacturing Technology/AAS - Non-Destructive Testing Cowley College; Southwestern College; Friends University
Casi Short MA - Education University of Nebraska-Kearney
Joel Short MBA - Business Administration/Bachelors - Computer Information Systems Southwestern College; Friends University
James Sieger AAS - Non-Destructive Testing Cowley College
Blake Smith Masters - Health & Human Performance/BS - Athletic Training/Associate of Science Pittsburg State University; Southwestern College; Cowley College
Ragan Snyder-Smith Master of Education/Master of Social Work/BA - Psychology Newman University; Wichita State University
Emily Stevens MA - History/Bachelors - History Southern New Hampshire University; Butler CC
Joy Tessmer MS - Medical Chemistry/BA - Chemistry, Biology University of Minnesota
Dr. Michelle Vann Ph.D. - Christian Counseling/MA - Liberal Studies/BS - Elementary Education Faith Bible College; Friends University; Newman University
Lynn Vorak MA - Ministry, Leadership/Bachelors - Business Administration, Human Resources Friends University
Richard Vorak MA - Christian Ministry/BA - Sociology Friends University
Loretta Waldroupe Graduate - Math (in progress)/Masters - Education/Bachelors - Math Southwestern College; Emporia State University
Charity White MS - Health, Physical Education & Recreation/BS - Sociology West Texas A&M University; Emporia State University
Michael Wilmoth MS - History/BS - Secondary Ed Pittsburg State University
Amanda Wilson AAS - Nursing ITT Technical Institute
James Wood Wind Turbine Technician Certificate Oklahoma City Electrical Union
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Concurrent Enrollment Partnership (CEP) Instructor Credentials

Name Degree College/University
Katlyn Avritt MA - English/BS - Psychology/BS - Secondary Education Emporia State University; Kansas State University
Chris Bellar BS Biology/MS Environmental Studies Bethel College; Friends University
Holly Cornejo MA - Education/BA - English Wichita State University; Southwestern College
Cassy Dalbom MS - Career and Technical Education Family and Consumer Sciences/BS - Education Family and Consumer Sciences/Certificate - Career and Technical Education Administration Pittsburg State University
Elaina Garrett MS - Education (Mathematics)/BS - Mathematics (Teaching), Secondary Education Fort Hays State University
Wayne Greenlee MS Education - Special Ed., English Endorsement/BS Education - Speech Kansas State University; Emporia State
Nancy LaBrue BS Education - Math/Med - Math Southwestern Oklahoma State
Jason Mitchell MS Teaching/BA-Communcation Cameron University
Jesse Myers BS - Education Emporia State University
Justin Regehr BA - Mathematical Sciences/MS - Curriculum & Instruction Bethel College; Emporia State
Tamara Salisbury MS - Curriculum & Instruction/BS - Secondary Ed Kansas State University
Marla Stark MA - English/BS - English Fort Hays State University; Kansas State University
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