Jan 22, 2022  
2021 - 2022 Cowley College Academic Catalog 
2021 - 2022 Cowley College Academic Catalog

ANTHROPOLOGY-Associate of Arts - Suggested Semester Plan

Anthropology- Associate of Arts -  Suggested Semester Plan
Course Number Course Credit Hours
Semester 1    
ENG2211 Composition I 3
MTH4420 College Algebra 3
CAP1516 (Computer Literacy) Computer Applications 3
ANT6911 (Social Science Elective) Cultural Anthropology 3
PHO6447/PHO6460 (Humanities Elective) Philosophy or Ethics Option 3
  Total  15
Semester 2    
ENG2212 Composition II 3
Social Science Elective (PSY/GEG/SOC) Social Science Elective 3
Lab Science Elective (CHM or PHS) Lab Science Elective (CHM or PHS course) 5
Pathway Elective (FOL2330 - Foreign Language) Spanish I 5
  Total  16
Semester 3    
Humanities Elective (Fine Arts ART/MUS) Art or Music Appreciation 3
COM2711 Public Speaking 3
Pathway Elective (ANT6912) Intro. to Linguistic Anthropology 3
Pathway Elective (ANT6920) Intro. to Archaeology 3
Pathway Elective (FOL2331) Spanish II 5
  Total  17
Semester 4    
Humanities Elective (Religion course) Religion Options: REL6430/6432 or 6434) 3
POL6611(Social Science Elective) American National Government 3
Pathway Elective (ANT6930) Biological Anthropology 3
Pathway Elective (Additional Lab Science - CHM/PHS) Additional Lab Science (CHM/PHS) 5
Pathway Elective (FOL2332) Spanish III 5
  Total  19
Pathway Elective Options:
Complete the following 29.00 credits to fulfill this requirement for Transfer into WSU’s program.
Students should work with their advisor and transfer institution to determine the most appropriate courses to complete if transfering to an alternate institution.
ANT6920 (Fall Only) Intro. to Archaeology 3
ANT6930 (Spring Only) Biological Anthropology 3
ANT6912 (Fall Only) Intro to Linguistic Anthropology 3
FOL2330 (Fall or Spring) Spanish I 5
FOL2331 (Fall Only) Spanish II 5
FOL2332 (Spring Only) Spanish III 5
Additional Lab Science in CHM or PHS Additional Lab Science CHM/PHS Elective 5