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2021 - 2022 Cowley College Academic Catalog 
2021 - 2022 Cowley College Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Kansas Promise Act Scholarship

The Kansas Promise Act was passed into law in April, 2021 and becomes effective with the Fall 2021 semester. This legislation allows Kansas residents the opportunity to earn scholarship dollars to cover expenses associated with completing an eligible two-year associate degree program, CTE Certificate, or stand alone approved program at Cowley College or other eligible post-secondary institution.  In return, the student must agree to live and work in the State of Kansas for two consecutive years upon successfully completing the program and provide required reports and documentation to the Kansas Board of Regents as designated. 

Student Eligibility Requirements

One of the following residency requirements must be met:

  1. Be a Kansas resident who has graduated from an accredited Kansas public or private secondary school or Kansas homeschool, or earned a high school equivalency certificate within the preceding 12 months.
  2. Be 21 years of age or older who has been a resident of Kansas for three or more consecutive years.
  3. Be a dependent child of a military service member permanently stationed in another state and who, within the preceding 12 months, graduated from any out-of-state secondary school or obtained a high school equivalency certificate.

Steps to participate:

  1. Complete the Cowley College Admissions Application.
  2. Complete the FAFSA Federal Student Aid application for the applicable academic year (2021-22). Indicate Cowley’s Federal School Code: 001902. For assistance with financial aid contact 620.441.5304 or email 
  3. Contact an Admissions Specialist at 620.441.5503 or to enroll in an eligible program at Cowley College.
  4. Complete the Kansas Promise Act Scholarship application form 
  5. Enter into a Kansas Promise Act Scholarship Agreement 

Eligible Cowley Programs:


Technical Programs:

Transfer Programs:


Technical Programs:

Transfer Programs:

Technical Programs:

Transfer Programs:


Technical Programs:

Transfer Programs:


Technical Programs:  

Eligibility for Continuation of Scholarship 

To continue receiving scholarships students must:

  1. Enroll as a full-time or part-time student (at least six hours per semester) at the eligible postsecondary educational institution and complete the required promise eligible program within 30 months of the date the scholarship was first awarded.

  2. Maintain satisfactory academic progress in a promise eligible program

  3. Within six months after graduation from the promise eligible program reside in and commence work in the state of Kansas for at least two consecutive years following completion of such program
    Enroll as a full-time or part-time student (at least six hours per semester) in any public or private postsecondary educational institution with its primary location in Kansas and upon graduation or failure to re-enroll, reside in and commence work in Kansas for at least two consecutive years following the completion of such program.

  4. Maintain records and make reports to the Kansas State Board of Regents to prove residency and working requirements.
  5. Agree to live and work in Kansas two years post completion of their two year degree or certificate. If a student completes their two year degree and transfers to a four year program they must still live and work in Kansas for two years post completion of their bachelors degree or pay back the Kansas Promise Scholarship funds.

    NOTE: Failure to satisfy the requirements of a Kansas Promise scholarship agreement, the student must repay the amount received under the program plus interest.

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