Dec 06, 2023  
2022 - 2023 Cowley College Academic Catalog 
2022 - 2023 Cowley College Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Current Academic Year


Cowley College develops an academic schedule of course offerings for Fall, Spring and Summer terms that ensure program and degree requirements are available to students, as well as meeting minimum class time requirements.

Courses are associated with one of the semester terms within an Academic Year. Full semester courses normally run for the duration of 16 weeks in the Fall and Spring terms, and eight weeks in the Summer term. Within each semester, designated “sub-terms” with pre-determined dates may exist (e.g. first and second eight weeks) however, courses may also fall in a shorter or longer session with variable start and end dates. Some program courses may cross over into an additional semester term, yet on the transcript are designated as associated with only one semester.

Cowley College offers a Fall Semester, Spring Semester, and Summer Semester. A Winter session between the Fall and Spring Semesters also may be scheduled that is tied to the Fall semester, as well as a Spring Post session between Spring and Summer semesters that is tied to the Spring Semester.

Typically, enrollment for Fall Semester and Summer Session opens in late March, and enrollment for Spring Semester opens in late October.

Below is a high-level view of the Academic Calendar for the Academic Year. A more detailed listing of weekly and monthly events can be found on the Cowley College News Web site.  

Academic Year 2022-2023

(Cowley offices close at noon on Fridays in June/July) 

May 30 Memorial Day Holiday
June 6 - June 30 4-week Summer Session
June 6 - July 28 8-week Summer session
July 4 Holiday Observed

FALL 2022

August 8 New Faculty Orientation
August 9 Faculty Report for Duty 
August 12 Welcome Day in-service 
August 13 Dorm Storm Move-in day
August 15 New student orientation
August 16 Fall Semester Begins
August 22 Online full semester classes begin
September 5 Labor Day Holiday
October 14 First 8 week Session Ends
October 17 Second 8 week Session Begins
October 28 Fall Break (No Classes)
November 23-25 Thanksgiving Break
December 5-9 Final Exams 
December 12 Final Grades Due
December 21 Offices Close -Start of Winter Break
December 21 - January 2 Winter Break (Offices closed)
December 12 - January 10                            Winter (Post-Session)


January 3                                                                   Offices Re-open 
January 10 Faculty Report for Duty 
January 13 Welcome Day in-service 
January 16 MLK Jr. Day Holiday - College Closed
January 17 Spring Semester & Online Begins (Some Monday Night classes could begin Jan. 16)
March 10 First 8 week Session Ends
March 13 - 17 Student Spring Break  (College Closed March 15 -17)
March 20 Second 8 week Session Begins
May 6 Commencement (Faculty Work day) 
May 8 - 13 Final Exams
May 15 Final Grades Due
May 16 Full Time Faculty Last Day/Checkout

(Cowley Offices closed on Fridays in June/July)

May 29                                Memorial Day Holiday
June 5 - June 29 4-week Summer Session (1st 4 weeks)
June 5 - July 27 8-Week Summer Session
June 19 Juneteenth Holiday
July 4 Holiday