Feb 01, 2023  
2022 - 2023 Cowley College Academic Catalog 
2022 - 2023 Cowley College Academic Catalog

Religion - Associate of Arts - Suggested Semester Plan

Religion - Associate of Arts -  Suggested Semester Plan
Course Number Course Credit Hours
Semester 1    
ENG2211 Composition I 3
MTH4420 College Algebra 3
CAP1516 (Computer Literacy) Computer Applications 3
PSY6711 (Social Science Elective) General Psychology 3
REL3432 (Humanities Elective)* Survey of Old Testament 3
  Total   15
Semester 2    
ENG2212 Composition II 3
SOC6811 (Social Science Elective) Principles of Sociology 3
Lab Science Elective  Lab Science Elective 5
REL6434 (Pathway Elective) Survey of New Testament 3
Pathway Elective (ART2111)* Art Appreciation 3
  Total   17
Semester 3    
HIS6420 (Humanities Elective) World History I 3
COM2711 Public Speaking 3
Pathway Elective  (PHO6460) Ethics 3
Pathway Elective (LIT2511) Intro to Literature 3
Pathway Elective (REL6436) Life & Teachings of Christ 3
  Total   15
Semester 4    
PHO6447 (Humanities Elective)* Intro to Philosophy 3
ANT6911 (Social Science Elective) Cultural Anthropology 3
Pathway Elective (HIS6421) World History II 3
Pathway Elective (MUS2611)* Music Appreciation 3
Pathway Elective (REL6430) Comparative Religions 3
  Total   15
Students should work with their advisor and transfer institution to determine the most appropriate courses to complete.
Pathway Elective Options:    
ART2111 Art Appreciation 3  
HIS6421 World History II 3 (Spring only F2F)   
LIT2511 Intro to Literature 3  
MUS2611 Music Appreciation 3  
PHO6460 Ethics 3  
REL6434 Survey of New Testatment 3  
REL6436 Life & Teaching of Christ 3  
REL6430 Comparative Religions 3  
*Some of the classes can be used as Humanities elective if not used as Pathway Elective