May 21, 2019  
2018 - 2019 Academic Catalog 
2018 - 2019 Academic Catalog

Mass Communications Transfer Pathway (AA)

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No other industry has a more profound effect on everyday life than mass communications. We are constantly exposed to messages from electronic or print media that in some way influences our decision-making. Courses cover the impact of mass communication on society; understanding of media cultures; oral and written communications. Students have the opportunity to be involved in electronic and print media from the moment they step on to campus. From the CCTV newscast to The Cowley Press student newspaper, students can experience the facets of news media. Students learn through practical hands-on experience in addition to classroom instruction preparing them to enter the work force or continue their education at a four-year institution.

Pathway Code: MACM

General Education Requirements (39 hours)

Computer Literacy (3 hours)

Humanities (9 hours)

Complete courses from 3 Different Departments (ART, FOL, HIS, HUM, LIT, MIN, MUS, PHO, REL, THE) - Studio and Performance courses cannot be included.

For a list of course options click this link Humanities Elective(s)  .
The following elective types are recommended for this pathway:

  • U.S. History Elective - 3 hour(s) __________________________________
  • Literature Elective - 3 hour(s) ____________________________________
  • Art or Theatre or Music Appreciation Elective - 3 hour(s) ________________________

Social Sciences (9 hours)

Complete courses from 3 Different Departments (ANT, ECO, GEG, POL, PSY, SOC). 
For a list of course options click this link Social Science Elective(s)  

The following elective types are recommended for this pathway:

  • Economics Elective - 3 hour(s) ____________________________________
  • Social Science Elective - 3 hours(s) ________________________________
  • Social Science Elective - 3 hours(s) ________________________________

Laboratory Sciences (5 hours)

Complete 5 credits of Lab Science from Lab Science Elective(s) .

  • Lab Science Elective 5 hour(s) ____________________________

Health & Physical Education (1 hour)

Complete one course from Health & Physical Education Elective(s) .

  • Health & Physical Education Elective 1 hour(s) ______________________________

Pathway Recommended Electives (5-6 hours)

Additional Pathway Course Options: Select an additional 5-6 credits from the following courses:

Total Hours 62-63

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