May 20, 2019  
2018 - 2019 Academic Catalog 
2018 - 2019 Academic Catalog

Applied Technologies (AGS) Degree Pathway

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The Associate of General Studies degree with an emphasis in Applied Technologies allows for students to transfer in 32 technical credits after completing an approved technical program with at least 600 Clock hours of acceptable technical courses from an accredited vocational technical school. An additional 30 credit hours of specific General Education requirements are required to obtain the Associate of General Studies degree, of which at least 15 credit hours must be completed at Cowley College. The Cowley Registrar will determine if the technical credit completed qualifies for this degree. 

Pathway Code: APTC

General Education Requirements (30 hours minimum)

Basic Skills (6 hours)

Computer Literacy (3 hours)

Communications & Humanities (6 hours)

Students should fulfill 3 credits of a Humanities Elective (Ethics preferred) and 3 credits of a Communications Elective

Social Sciences (6 hours)

Complete courses from 2 Different Departments ANT, ECO, GEG, POL, PSY, SOC 

For a list of course options click this link Social Science Elective(s) .

  • Social Science Elective - 3 hour(s) ____________________________________
  • Social Science Elective - 3 hours(s) ___________________________________

Mathematics (3 hours)

Laboratory Sciences (5 hours)

Complete 5 credits from Lab Science Elective(s) .

  • Lab Science Elective 5 hour(s)___________________________

Health & Physical Education (1 hour)

Complete one course from Health & Physical Education Elective(s) .

  • Health & Physical Education Elective 1 hour(s) __________________________

Core Technical Requirements (32 minimum)

32 Technical credits will be applied as meeting the Technical Requirements after evaluation and transfer from an accredited Vocational-Technical School for students who have completed an approved technical program with at least 600 clock hours.  

Total Hours 62 minimum

Depending on skill level and assessment scores, students may be required to take the necessary basic skill or prerequisite courses prior to enrolling in the program.

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