May 21, 2019  
2018 - 2019 Academic Catalog 
2018 - 2019 Academic Catalog

Creative Writing Transfer Pathway (AA)

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Writing skills are used in all areas of work and education, and students who master these skills can achieve success in numerous areas of interest. Since writing majors are employable in so many fields that include high levels of critical thinking, the Creative Writing curriculum includes not only required basic courses but literature requirements as well. Writing majors also have additional course opportunities in the mass communications and arts areas, as well as the opportunity for electives in other areas of interest since all knowledge gained can enhance writing. This diverse background prepares students for university specialties and transfer to four- year institutions, entering into the workforce, and furthering overall writing skills to help meet personal goals. The course work students will experience in this program will enhance both creativity and critical thinking.

Pathway Code: CRWR

General Education Requirements (39 hours)

Computer Literacy (3 hours)

Humanities (9 hours)

Complete courses from 3 Different Departments (ART, FOL, HIS, HUM, LIT, MIN, MUS, PHO, REL, THE) - Studio and Performance courses cannot be included. This pathway recommends one Literature elective.

For a list of course options click this link Humanities Elective(s)  

  • Literature Elective - 3 hour(s) ________________________________________
  • Humanities Elective - 3 hour(s) _______________________________________
  • Humanities Elective - 3 hour(s) _______________________________________

Social Sciences (9 hours)

Complete courses from 3 Different Departments ANT, ECO, GEG, POL, PSY, SOC 

For a list of course options click this link Social Science Elective(s)  

  • Social Science Elective - 3 hour(s) _______________________________________
  • Social Science Elective - 3 hour(s)_______________________________________
  • Social Science Elective - 3 hour(s) _______________________________________

Laboratory Sciences (5 hours)

Complete 5 credits of Lab Science from Lab Science Elective(s) .

  • Lab Science Elective 5 hour(s) _______________________________ 

Health & Physical Education (1 hour)

Complete one course from Health & Physical Education Elective(s) .

  • Health & Physical Education Elective 1 hour(s) ______________________________ 

Required Pathway Electives (19 hours)

Total Hours 62 - 63

Depending on skill level and assessment scores, students may be required to take the necessary basic skill or prerequisite courses prior to enrolling in the program.

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