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2021 - 2022 Cowley College Academic Catalog 
2021 - 2022 Cowley College Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Graphic Design (AA) Pathway

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The Graphic Design program combines the art, science, business, and technology of visual communication into a comprehensive two-year degree. Students will create sophisticated illustrations, typographic layouts, photo-manipulations, and more using the latest techniques and design software. Projects come to fruition using the iterative design process: problem definition, analysis, idea generation, concept development, refinement, and production. All courses build on the fundamental principles of design and excellence in craft. Upon completion of the Associate degree in Graphic Design, students will be prepared to continue their education in a 4-year university program or potentially utilize their skills in the field.


Suggested Course Plan by Semester  



Pathway Code: GRDS

General Education Requirements (38 hours)

Basic Skills (12 hours)

Computer Literacy (3 hours)

Humanities Electives (9 hours)

Complete courses from 3 Different Departments (ART, FOL, HIS, HUM, LIT, MIN, MUS, PHO, REL, THE) - Studio and Performance courses cannot be included. Art History Elective recommended for this pathway.

For a list of course options click this link Humanities Elective(s)   

  • Humanities Elective - 3 hour(s) _______________________________________
  • Humanities Elective - 3 hour(s) _______________________________________

Social Science Electives (9 Hours)

Complete courses from 3 Different Departments (ANT, ECO, GEG, POL, PSY, SOC)PSY 6711 - General Psychology is recommended for this pathway. 

For a list of course options click this link Social Science Elective(s)   

  • Social Science Elective - 3 hour(s) _______________________________________
  • Social Science Elective - 3 hour(s)_______________________________________

Laboratory Sciences (5 hours)

Complete 5 credits of Lab Science from listing of Lab Science Elective(s)  

  • Lab Science Elective 5 hour(s) ____________________________________

Pathway Electives (Minimum of 24 hours)

Complete a minimum of 24 credits. The following are the recommended Pathway Electives for transfer.  Students may choose to take additional Graphic Design courses above the minimum requirement for the degree to enhance their skills.

Minimum Hours for a Degree 62*

*A minimum of 62 hours is required to earn a Cowley degree; however additional credit hours may be outlined on the transfer pathway to meet the program requirements for a 4-Year Institution.

Depending on skill level and assessment scores, students may be required to take the necessary basic skill or prerequisite courses prior to enrolling in the program courses.

Additional Graphic Design Concentration Electives

Students may opt to enhance their skills and knowledge in the Graphic Design field beyond those required for the Associate’s transfer degree. The following courses may be a consideration.

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