May 29, 2024  
2023-2024 Cowley College Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Cowley College Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Arts and Humanities Electives approved for KS Systemwide Core

Complete at least 6 hours from two different disciplines to satisfy the Arts and Humanities requirement for the Kansas Systemwide General Education Core from the following courses.  Studio and performance courses are not included. 
Art Option:
ART2111 - Art Appreciation (T►)      
ART2141 - Art History-Prehistoric to Medieval (T►)    
ART2142 - Art History-Renaissance to Contemporary (T►)   
Communications Option:
COM2725 - Interpersonal Communication (T►)   
English Option:
ENG2260 - Creative Writing (T►)   
Foreign Language Option:
FOL2330 - Spanish I (T►)   
FOL2331 - Spanish II (T►)   
FOL2332 - Spanish III (T►)   
History Option:
HIS6411 - United States History to 1877 (T►)   
HIS6412 - United States Since 1865 (T►)   
HIS6420 - World History I (T►)   
HIS6421 - World History II (T►)   
 Literature Option:
LIT2511 - Introduction to Literature (T►)   
LIT2550 - American Literature I (T►)   
LIT2551 - American Literature II (T►)   
 Music Option:
MUS2611 - Music Appreciation (T►)   
Philosophy Option:
PHO6447 - Introduction to Philosophy (T►)   
PHO6460 - Ethics (T►)   
Religion Option:
REL6430 - Comparative Religions (T►)   
REL6432 - Survey of the Old Testament (T►)   
REL6434 - Survey of the New Testament (T►)   
Theatre Option:
THE2730 - Theatre Appreciation (T►)