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2022 - 2023 Cowley College Academic Catalog 
2022 - 2023 Cowley College Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions

Cowley College has nearly 600 courses approved by the Kansas Board of Regents which coincide with the many pathways and programs of study that lead towards a degree, vocational certificate, or industry recognized credential or skill. Cowley advisors will help you design a program to meet your educational and career goals.

Refer to the Cowley College “Programs of Study ” to determine the course requirements and recommended elective courses for each degree or certificate for each specified pathway. Not all courses are offered each semester. Students should visit with their advisor for information on courses that are offered on a rotational basis. Some courses list a scheduling note in the description.  Click here to link to the current published class schedule listed for a particular semester. 

Course Descriptions

Following are descriptions of approved courses which can be offered by Cowley College. Courses are grouped under academic disciplines identified with a 3-letter prefix and are alphabetized. 

Descriptions are listed by prefix and include the course number, course title, credit hours, elective type, course description, prerequisites/corequisites, and a link to the approved course outcomes/procedures document. If applicable, special identifiers next to the course title are identified with (T►) if the course qualifies as a Kansas Regents System Wide Transfer Shared Number (KRSN) course or ($) indicating the course qualifies for Special Funding.

Cowley College Course Procedures/Outcomes    
Each course has a link to the Course Outcomes/Procedures document that details:

  • Student Level
  • Prerequisite
  • Controlling Purpose
  • Learner Outcomes
  • Units Outcomes
  • Projects Required
  • Textbook
  • Material/Equipment Required
  • Grading Policy
  • Course Time Frame
  • Attendance Policy & Applicable Policies
  • Disability Service Program contact information

 Kansas Regents System Wide Transfer Shared Number (KRSN)

Courses that currently have a Kansas Regents Shared Number (Common Course Numbers designated by the Kansas System Wide Transfer Course Matrix) are indicated by their associated KRSN number. The learning outcomes and competencies in these courses meet or exceed the learning outcomes and competencies specified by the Kansas Core Outcomes Groups project for these courses as approved by the Kansas Board of Regents. 

The Kansas Regents Transfer KS portal provides information on Systemwide Transfer (SWT) courses for Kansas public colleges and universities. Systemwide Transfer courses transfer to any Kansas public institution offering an equivalent course. The decision of lower division courses to count toward upper division credit hours is at the discretion of the receiving institution.

For a full listing of approved courses and their corresponding transfer course visit the Kansas Regents website that links to the Transfer Equivalency Gateway.

(T►) - Symbol identifies Kansas Regents System Wide Transfer Course

($) - Special Funding Identifier

  • KS Excel in CTE Initiative - Identifies a course that qualifies for the State of Kansas Excel in CTE Initiative that provides free tuition to qualifying High School students in qualifying technical programs and courses.

    NOTE: Courses not listed as KS Excel in CTE Initiative allow High School students in Kansas and Oklahoma to qualify for the AcceleRATE which is a discounted flat-rate tuition amount for dual enrolled high school students. Some of the courses in technical programs fall under the AcceleRATE pricing and do not qualify for the Excel in CTE


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